Sessions open with an Intuitive Reading and Support 

Through in-depth conversation, we'll explore what's happening in your life, any chronic or acute conditions, areas of pain or injury, and your specific needs and goals. 


I listen closely to your words and wishes, noticing any relevant emotional and energetic impressions. Bringing awareness to the more subtle patterns helps discharge and clear them, making space for new possibilities.


I will share insights and any intuitive hits, as well as offer recommendations regarding lifestyle, stress-reduction, emotional healing, exercise, diet and meditation. 

Healing deepens with Acupuncture, hands-on care, and infrared therapy

Acupuncture is a holistic healing approach integral to East Asian systems of medicine thought to be over 5000 years old. Acupuncture helps to simultaneously restore physical, mental and spiritual balance. Chronic pain, injuries and health concerns such as digestive issues, allergies, depression, anxiety, and reproductive health, can all be effectively treated with acupuncture.


Integrating classical Chinese Medicine, TCM, Japanese and Dry Needle traditions, acupuncture treatments include physical assessment and light TuiNa (Chinese Medical massage). As needed, I offer Cranial Sacral Therapy,Reiki and other gentle touch therapies to help ground the nervous system and facilitate deeper healing. 


To optimize relaxation, circulation and detoxification, the treatment table is covered by an Amethyst BioMat that emits a healing infrared warmth and a negative ionic charge.

Healing is amplified by a Custom Essence or Remedy

The ongoing and profound support provided by flower + gem essence and homeopathic remedies cannot be over-emphasized. If a formula or specific remedy is calling, I'll let you know & will compose a custom blend & provide you with instructions for best dose and follow-up care.  My intention is to help you enjoy new levels of freedom and ease in your body and within the world, utilizing whichever modalities make the most sense for you. 

I also offer stand-alone Gem + flower essence consultations, which involve an in-depth conversation similar to an Intuitive Coaching session (please see above) or can evolve from an email query or specific request. A custom-blended formula is composed based on our exchange, which can be given on site or mailed to your preferred address. Remedy Consultations are in-person, by phone, Skype and FaceTime.


Intuitive Coaching

I'm a born empath, clairsentient and intuitive. That means that I tune into more subtle levels of emotion, energy, guidance and information. Accessing extrasensory information isn’t an esoteric practice but an organic interplay that enhances our way of being in the world. Awakening and cultivating our intuitive abilities is a very real and natural experience - one that I'm passionate about and can help you with.


I don't guess lottery numbers and am not (yet) a channel/medium. More often, I sense what's going on in someone's life and body, which evolves conversations and approaches that lead to real healing. Ever since I was a child, people have felt safe sharing and exploring their deeper feelings, worries and wishes with me. With instinctive compassion and care, dozens of years in the fields of holistic medicine and counseling psychology, I help people identify and heal unconscious beliefs and patterns so that they can live their most vibrant lives. 


For fluid, lasting transformation to occur, issues are best addressed simultaneously at the emotional, mental and physical levels. Identifying where energies become distorted or blocked helps us clear outdated beliefs, heal unresolved wounds, manifest our deepest desires, clarify our contribution, and evolve consciousness.

My intention in every exchange is to create a safe, caring and supportive space. I will help you gently release contracting patterns, negative thoughts and invigorate a sense of personal power. I hope to help people align with their truth and embody their highest purpose. Intuitive coaching combines psychic reading with therapeutic counseling and can integrate a gem + flower essence consultation and/or enjoyed in conjunction with acupuncture/hands-on treatments.

During an intuitive session, we explore what’s presently happening in your life, any obstacles or areas of tension, specific needs or goals, and how you’d like to Be*. We discuss past experiences and future aspirations that help guide the session.

While listening fully to your words and wishes, I also attenuate to emotional and physical patterns that may be emerging. Guided by what I’m seeing, sensing and hearing, we might practice breath and meditative techniques to gain insight and clarity around a particular emotion, issue or concern.


Intuitive acupuncture

I’ve always been curious about what goes on beneath the surface. Sensing more subtle information, I can’t help but track pivotal moments, movements of energy, blockages and their causes. The foundation of Chinese Medicine is built upon the exposition of underlying patterns of balance and disharmony - the reason why I was so drawn to study this 5000 year old medicine 14 years ago. Acupuncture treats not only the symptoms of an imbalance but the root causes of dis-ease, harmonizing the entire being, body, mind and spirit. As a practitioner of acupuncture, I get to read pulses, tongues and bodies, identify underlying patterns and help restore systems to balance with micro-thin needles.  

The placement of ultra-thin, sterile needles into specific points on the body can help heal chronic pain, acute injuries and wider range conditions, such as high blood pressure, migraines and fertility issues. Acupuncture helps to harmonize the nervous and endocrine systems that are linked with stress-related diseases. From a mental health perspective, acupuncture catalyzes the parasympathetic (rest/digest) response and prompts the body to release endorphins. Endorphins influence the brain centers that have an effect on our mood and emotional wellbeing. Acupuncture also stimulates and balances particular organs and meridians that are often compromised by anxiety, depression, unexpressed grief, trauma and the like. 

Many people who express a fear of needles discover that acupuncture is virtually painless - most don't even notice insertion or removal, and, more importantly, they feel notably better after each session. Most of us don't associate doctor's offices with a spa experience, yet that is exactly what acupuncture treatments can offer. 

I’ve received a ton of acupuncture and collaborated with a number of high level practitioners over the years and am dedicated to offering you the very best, most transformative and relaxing experience possible. With every acupuncture treatment, I weave through intuitive gifts to further your healing and sense of well-being. If I receive any flashes of information that might be helpful to you, I will share and integrate that into our session. I’m very open to feedback and specific accommodations, so please let me know how I can help make each session as restorative, uplifting and on-point* as possible. Please call, text or email any questions and schedule an appointment to start feeling better today.


Essences & Remedies

GEM & FLOWER ESSENCES offer a safe, effective, inexpensive and portable energy medicine that is both gentle and profound.

Essences are infusions of gems or flowers in water. Each plant and mineral species embodies a distinct vibrational pattern that steeps into the water with the light of the sun or moon. (think sun tea). The gem or flower is removed from the water and brandy is added to preserve the memory of its resonant field.

Because essences work on an energetic, vibrational level, they are not associated with any adverse side effects, they are non-toxic and there are no contraindications to use essences alongside any other medicinal. Essences contain no scent and do not mimic essential oils or herbal tinctures - which are otherwise physical in nature.

Healing effects

* Release old injuries, blockages and denser frequencies

* Restore health and vitality

* Deepen relationships with self, others & the natural world

* Center and open to grace, especially during times of transition

* Restore emotional and spiritual balance

* Amplify awareness and intuition

My personal experience of healing through HOMEOPATHY inspired me to enroll in a three year program with The School of Homeopathy in the U.K.  The capacity of homeopathy to mitigate if not entirely relieve suffering is beyond - it literally blows my mind - this IS True, Whole Medicine. I have repeatedly witnessed the incredible benefits of energetic and informational medicine, as well as the all too common adverse side effects of Western allopathic prescription medications and invasive treatment approaches. The opportunity of homeopaths to ease pain, ameliorate chronic patterns, to brighten the psyche and inspire consciousness is a blessing and absolute gift. How could I not want to learn the science and art behind this tremendous system? While still a novice, I've been in the field of medicine long enough to know what suppresses or palliates symptoms and what can actually change peoples' lives. Homeopathy is inexpensive, portable, sustainable, user-friendly, and relatively easy to access medicine, making it a total win. Homeopathy holds the power to truly help people heal and thrive.

For an essence or homeopathic consult, I will research and then blend a remedy based on what we discover during our conversation. My intention with every approach is to help every one evolve to lighter levels of ease, well-being, and freedom.


"I can't speak highly enough of Britta, her expertise and talent! After a thorough consultation, Britta did a combination session of massage and acupuncture to address a problematic and painful spot in my back. It worked wonders! I'd tried a number of other remedies before her healing hands appeared, but Britta's skill, intuition, spirit and grace worked more magic in just one go than any other attempt I'd made. Britta's combination of skills, knowledge, and finesse is unmatchable."

Senami A | Writer + Mother

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