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Britta Van Dun of Intuitive Health & Healing is a licensed acupuncturist in Tucson, AZ. Britta is a transformational life coach and intuitive counselor integrating acupuncture & Chinese Medicine with cranial sacral therapy, light body work, flower essences and homeopathic remedies to promote healing at the highest level.


Britta offers in-person acupuncture in Tucson as well as distance healing sessions and holistic telemedicine. Wherever you are in the world, every session with Britta reveals deeper truths, helps to release old patterns, and optimizes your physical and emotional flow to new levels of well-being. You will not only heal, you will thrive. Many clients report that sessions are life changing and results last a lifetime. 

"As a fellow healer, I can honestly say that Britta epitomizes the art of healing. She is truly gifted, taking the time and attention to help you understand the core issues. I came to her during a stressful time of transitions. Using a combination of therapy, acupuncture, gentle massage, and flower essences, Britta was able to heal me in different dimensions through her warm, caring presence. Since my treatments and specially blended formula (Divine Transitions), I have felt more balance, peace, and joy come into my life and have been inspired to express my true nature more fully."

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