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COVID-19 Resources

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Chinese and Functional Medicine ideas to support you through a COVID-19 infection.

Laboratory Covid vials
Vials of COVID-19 Variants. Photo Credit - World Health Organization

The ideas presented here are based on current recommendations & what worked for me. Please see below for a graphic differentiating symptoms between Pre-Delta, Delta and Omicron. I’m not a doctor. Please seek medical attention as needed and follow dosage instructions on labels.

If you think you might just have a run-of-the-mill cold, please take Covid-19 tests anyway! Accurate results can take 72 hours after symptoms appear. Below is a graphic to help differentiate your symptoms. Is it allergies, a cold, the flu, or is it Covid?

Folks with initial or mild symptoms are getting false negatives on Covid-19 tests, only to test positive a few days later. There are breakthrough cases for folks who have been vaccinated and boosted. Today's best immunization options significantly help prevent the infection and spread of the original SarsCov2, though not its variants as well. It’s common for symptoms to come and go - one day you feel better, the next, symptoms progress. That’s why repeated testing, quarantining, exercising social distancing, and taking consistently good care of yourself is huge - especially to prevent the spread and mitigate long-haul symptoms.


Days to be more mindful, based on inception or first day when symptoms began:

Days 3-5 - watch for increasing or worsening symptoms.

Days 7-10 - if shortness of breath occurs, its usually by day 7. Most people feel better around this time - still contagious, please remain care-full.

Days 12-14 - this is when we see delayed respiratory symptoms appear.


These are potent immune boosters and specifically recommended to prevent and mitigate corona virus. I am not recommending herbal supplements because I’m not an herbalist and because some herbs both help and hinder at different phases of infection and disease progression. I personally took a prescribed and modified Chinese herbal formula. If you'd like a personally tailored formula, reach out to a Chinese

Medicine herbalist!

*Vitamin K2 with D - helps alleviate risk of blood clots that are associated with later phase thrombosis, embolism, etc.


For the week(s) that you have symptoms, please consider changing your diet to a reduced calorie Vegan diet. This was my Chinese Medicine physician's best recommendation and it worked wonders.

A reduced calorie vegan diet means loads of fresh, warm, cooked, nourishing veggies, greens, and whatever whole grains, legumes, and berries that work for your body. 1400 calories or lower for women and 1600 or lower for men.

As is always - sadly - the

case, best to avoid processed sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fried/oily and raw or cold foods.

Chew well!

These choices help minimize mucous over-production, ease the digestive system, keeps core temperature low and circumvents damage of inflammation which contributes to the later phase potential of a cytokine storm. Omicron is a much milder variant, and still, lungs are taking a big hit and there’s much that we don’t know yet regarding long covid for the different variants.

A nice treat - Gerolsteiner’s natural mineral water.


Identify a few different people to pick up and drop off groceries, contact-free while you are contagious.

Ask family and friends to check in on you on a daily basis. It is important to continually assess your symptoms and receive loving support. Quarantining can get tiring and feel lonely.

These recommendations help you to asses and support Lung health

Oximeter and a Thermometer - handy to have on hand - I tested every morning and whenever symptoms spiked.

Respiratory Trainer - Breathing exercises 10 min/day - 2 sets of 5 min is great - adjust to a resistant setting to really workout the intercostals. This builds Lung health & strengthens immunity.

Sleeping on your belly or in a comfy chair can help with breathing at night

It's very helpful to have on hand a few Rapid Results tests. I like the Binax NOW antigen rapid results home tests. They are currently hard to come by, and, keep checking the big box pharmacies, Amazon, and Walmart. Many people are getting false negatives on tests when first symptoms of the Omicron variant appear, so a few tests over the course of a few days can make a big difference in spreading the virus or not. PCR tests are more reliable and preferred, though results can take 3-7 days. Get tested as soon as you can! it’s easy to make an appointment at your local drive-through pharmacy and PCR tests are still free.

Based on average lengths of recovery, it can be helpful to give yourself a roomy 2-3 weeks.

Changing symptoms and low energy levels are par for the course. Remain in good self-care mode throughout this time.

If you’d like more ideas or support, please reach out! & 917.519.2432


Covid-19 Symptoms by Variant
Table: Shayanne Gal/Insider Source: Analysis of data from the Zoe COVID Symptom Study

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