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Holistic Healing with Essences

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Flower and Gem Essences offer us a safe, effective, inexpensive and portable energy medicine that is both gentle and profound

bottled essence with rose quartz and lapis lazuli
Flower and Gem Essence

Since recorded history, traditional eastern and western astrologers and healers have used gemstones, metals, plant elixirs and sound vibration to direct the subtle forces of nature.

Essences were formally re-introduced to the West in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician. Through his observations of patients and the natural world, Dr. Bach understood that a person’s temperament and personality determine the illnesses they are prone to and what medicines help. It is said that Bach first witnessed the effect of plant essences when he sipped the morning dew from a flower petal and immediately noticed a significant mental/emotional shift.

Today, there are dozens of practitioner-driven organizations dedicated to the production and dissemination of knowledge around gem and flower essences. Alaskan Essences and Desert Alchemy (made here in Tucson) are two of my favorites, though Green Tara, Findhorn, Living light, and Chalice Well have also earned pride of place in my personal repertory.

Unlike essential oils or herbal tinctures, flower and gem essences are energetic infusions. There are no traces of the material - no palpable smells or tastes. Because essences are purely vibrational in nature, they are not associated with any adverse side-effects, they are non-toxic and there are no contraindications to use essences alongside any other medicinal.

To clarify, every blossom or gemstone embodies a distinct vibrational pattern, which can be intentionally transferred to spring water via sun or moonlight. Once a mineral or plant is removed from the carrier water (what is now referred to the 'mother' tincture), distilled alcohol is added to preserve the memory of its resonant field. Vegetable glycerin can also be used to preserve the essence, for those who are sensitive to spirits. A flower or gem essence can be taken solely or in combination with others in order to promote a desired effect - often with unexpected benefits and discoveries.

Essences help address the issues that often underlay stress and health problems, helping to unravel and resolve mental/psychic energetic holding patterns. Essences help transform emotions, attitudes and behaviors to enhance one’s development, growth and awareness. Each person responds to essences according to their inner rhythm and needs.

It's an uplifting and sacred practice composing essences. Combined with an intuitive counseling session - which also engages energetic pattern recognition and dissolution, as well as practical life supports, essences are gentle friends on the road to optimal health and being. As Bach so eloquently offered, health ’is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body.” (Collected Writings, page 91). Truth <3

If you're curious about flower + gem essences, please give a call (917.519.2432) or email

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