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The Healing Power of Flower Essences

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Bottled Flower and Gem Essences
Intuitive Health & Healing Essences created for the Pack Station installation at LACMA

While no doubt mystical in their effect, gem and flower essences are less mysterious than you might think. Research shows that essences stabilize biochemical processes by matching, tuning and upgrading our cellular frequency or rate of vibration. By stabilizing our most basic energetic anatomy, deeper patterns emerge and reorganize – creating lasting changes on the physical, emotional, psychic, social and spiritual levels.

Thoughts, beliefs, emotions, cellular memories, are all, ultimately, just different forms of energy. Physical symptoms are often condensed forms of these energetic frequencies. Similar to homeopathic notions of “like cures like,” the unique resonance of gemstones and flowers transform denser and lower-frequency forms of energy in the body-mind. Essences affect change because the pattern of an essence’s vibrating atoms resonate with, neutralize, uplift and/or amplify the subtle structures of our energetic body.

Unlike homeopathic pellets and tablets, essence preparations are particularly potent because of the medicinal’s carrier. In the case of gem and flower essences, the carrier is water.Research shows that the bonding between hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water is remarkably flexible and the angles can vary more than with any other known substance. It is thought that this unique quality brings ‘memory’ of essences to water.

The Times bestseller The Hidden Messages in Water illustrates this nicely. Written by the researcher Masaru Emoto, Messages demonstrates that speech, music, thoughts and prayers all affect the aesthetic configuration of water molecules. How water molecules organize is contingent upon the tone, quality and intention of the words or thoughts to which they are exposed.

Since our bodies are composed of 70% water, we can’t help but ‘memorize’ the higher-order vibrational messages of the plant and mineral essences we imbibe. What’s more, while our bodies appear to be solid (or 70% liquid), we are composed of a complex matrix of life-force energy that extends through and beyond our bodies and unites with a Universal Energy Field – of which we are all comprised and through which we are all connected. This etheric matrix is continually in flux – responding to and reflecting our mental-emotional experiences, our environment, our choices and purpose.

To illustrate, each wave of energy (light, sound, etc.) has a unique resonance and creates an instant, long-lasting physiological change at the etheric level – affecting people in different ways at different times. Consider music. In this case, the carrier is air, though the mechanistic similarities to essences, well, resonate. Invisible wavelettes of sound vibrate in our ears, through our senses and shift the vibratory resonance of the nervous system, calming our spirits, nudging us closer to the edge of a feeling-scape, to dance, sing or remember someone or something we haven’t thought of in years.

The resonant patterns of the flower or gemstone stored in the essence ‘tune’ the etheric aspects of unstable bio-molecular structures within our physical body much like the most gentle and harmonious of tuning forks.

Essences, anyone?

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