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Intuitive Coaching & Consulting

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Woman meditating. Clear mind
Mind Illuminated. Photo Credit: Unknown

Over the past dozen years, more and more people have turned to the guidance and support of life coaches. Life coaches help clients identify obstacles and aspirations, create an opportunity to process deeper emotions, make “aha” connections, and help client’s build concrete steps that lead to achievable goals. We help people during significant career, relationship and other life-altering transitions. We help spot and explore patterns that aren’t serving and co-create habits with clients that increases their success and well-being.

Intuitive life coaching is a bit different in that Intuitive Coaching combines a soft psychic reading with energy healing, therapeutic counseling along with the more goal-oriented coaching. In essence, it’s like Life Coaching plus a Reading plus a distance Energy Healing session in one. With a background in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Essences and Homeopathy, I often integrate remedies and holistic recommends to further amplify a client’s transformation.

Intuitive coaching sessions are opportunities to be truly heard, seen, and understood in a compassionate and confidential environment. As with most therapeutic collaborations, I hold a safe space so that you can be as expressive as you want about what’s going on. We’ll explore specific challenges, stressors, goals, secret wishes, how you want to feel on the daily, and where you’d like to Be. I’ll help you lean into your own wisdom and identify the more subtle patterns that are preventing you from living your best life and amplify your extant abilities to do just that.

As an empathic kinesthetic intuitive, I take sessions to next level healing by tuning into the energies of your physical and emotional bodies. While listening fully to your words, I also attenuate to emotional and physical patterns that light up during session. Guided by what I’m seeing, sensing and hearing, I often help clients enter more deeply into the felt-sense of their experience through breath and meditative techniques. Clear awareness of what is helps client's gain clarity on what's really-really going on, shining the light on outmoded beliefs and inviting those patterns to dissolve. By sensing the intersection between the emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies, I help guide energy throughout the field, leading to break throughs and truly transformational healing.

I do this because for fluid, lasting change to occur, issues are best addressed simultaneously at each of the physical, etheric, mental and emotional levels. Prana, Qi or "energy" underlays and comprises each of these levels. So, consciously working with energy means we are touching in on every level - whether you are giving voice to or aware of it or not. One of the great joys of utilizing consciousness and energy as tools is that people don't need to delve inward alone, we don't need to experience a painful catharsis to get to the other side of suffering. We can actually just become aware, be in the space together, and magic happens.

Together, I'll help you discover where energies have become distorted or stuck in the body/mind. You'll learn how to clear outdated beliefs, heal unresolved wounds, clarify your purpose, manifest your deepest desires, and evolve consciousness. I am often amazed at the transformations and growth that my clients make in just a few sessions.

To schedule an in-person or distance energy healing & intuitive coaching session, give a ring or text +1(917)519-2432 or email I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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